About Yuanfang Studio

Yuanfang Art Studio is a Fine Art studio in Nootdorp, the Netherlands, founded in 2018, on the basis of advancing the academic tradition of drawing and painting, and exploring the experience when making art. We seek to provide a skill-based education in traditional and morden drawing and painting.

Yuanfang studio is open to artists of all ages and backgrounds who have a serious desire to advance their ability in representational drawing and painting. 

On another side, Yuanfang Studio is also a private working space of artist Xin Xia, where she can focus on her artistic creation.

Courses and workshops

Xin Xia (Director and main tutor)                              


Xin Xia is an artist who received art education in China and in the Netherlands. In 1999, She got her Bachelor degree from Nanjing Arts University, China, in Decorative Art Design.  In 2002 and 2003, Xin Xia received two Master degrees from Dutch Art Institute and Amsterdam University, in Visual and Media Art Studies, and Film Studies. Her later on practice and research routes went through the fields of art, film, architecture, interaction design and cognitive psychology. Besides, she also played roles in several international exchange projects for art academies, universities and organisations, in interdisciplinary fields. Her exhibitions found places in China, Germany and the Netherlands. Her publications cover topics of Art Education, Space Design and Embodied Cognitive Psychology.

In February 2018, with years of teaching experience, Xin Xia established Yuanfang Art Studio. Since then, she has been focused in art education of children and adults.


Address: Ambachtshof 68, 2632BB Nootdorp, The Netherlands