Course for Children

We want to protect your precious creativity. We also want to grand you various skills to be able to express your ideas more freely.

Yuanfang Art Studio provides different levels of courses for children from 7 to 12 years of old. There you will not only enjoy the process of drawing and painting, but also gain the abilities of making your creativity and imagination to be seen. Moreover, your life-long lasting interest in art, will be protected and developed into further level.

Course of Primary level

– The art of lines (2 lessons)

– Composition and Perspective   (2 lessons)

– Layers of value (darkness and light)  (2 lessons)

– The magic of color  (2 lessons)

– Amazing illustrations in children books  (4 lessons)

– Create your own master pieces  (2 lessons)

All courses will take place in our spatial and bright studio, at Ambachtshof 68, 2632BB Nootdorp, the Netherlands.