Xin Xia 夏昕

Artworks by Xin Xia (partly)



1997 the 5th Water Colour and Gouache Painting Exhibition in Jiangsu Province, Nanjing, China.  (Silver Price)

2001/05 Germany, Ochtrup, Villa Weiner, Group exhibition Hide and Seek:”Sails”.

2001/05 “Stamp falls” Dutch Art Institute, Enschede, The Netherlands,

2001/11 “Cocoon” Dutch Art Institute , Enschede, The Netherlands,

2002/06 Small window show: “Table”, Berlin, Germany

2002/07 “Please keep this area tidy” Villa de Bank, Enschede, The Netherlands

2005/05 “Tilburg Textile Museum Monument Design” , Beijing International architectural exhibition,  China

2019/09 Solo exhibition in Library Den Hoorn, the Netherlands.

2023/4  Solo exhibition in Library Stevenshof, Leiden, the Netherlands.